Guiding Eyes for the Blind is an internationally accredited nonprofit that provides guide and service dogs - offering individuals and families greater independence.
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Children with Autism

Heeling Autism Program logo

Heeling Autism dog with family on beach

Thank you for your interest in Heeling Autism.  As our waiting list is now full, we are not able to accept applications at this time.  Help us reduce the wait list – make a donation.  

In 2008, Guiding Eyes for the Blind introduced Heeling Autism – a program in which its world-renowned dogs are trained to provide safety for children with autism. All of Guiding Eyes’ dogs come from a well-established breeding colony that produces dogs of superlative temperaments. Some of our dogs possess the ideal dispositions to become autism service dogs.

Heeling Autism dogs offer safety, companionship and opportunities for independence. The program boasts a 100% success rate, with the largest statistical improvements in the areas of traveling, eating and sleeping behaviors. Download the Heeling Autism brochure for more information »

A Heeling Autism dog in a family with an autistic child can also:

  • increase social acknowledgment of the child by his or her peers;
  • provide companionship;
  • reduce parental stress; and
  • increase the child’s level of independence, confidence, and social acceptance.

Our thanks to the continued generosity of the Hatfield Family Fund for their annual sponsorship of our “Paws to Read” program, allowing our Heeling Autism dogs the invaluable training experience of regularly visiting elementary school classrooms while making a difference in the lives of school children many with reading skill challenges.

To learn ways your financial contributions can make a difference for this program, contact Linda Press, VP of Strategic Partnerships, at 914.243.2250 or